East Metro Jet Center

Your Super Bowl Ready FBO

The important things . . . We have two locations at New Richmond Regional Airport.  The self-service location is located near the approach end of runway 32 in the south hangar area.  The full service FBO is located 4000' from the approach end of runway 32 in the north hangar area.

The nice-to-know things . . . East Metro is managed by very active large and mid-size cabin biz-av crew members who know exactly what you need to make your trip safe and efficient.  The good things we've seen at FBO's around the world were recreated here to make your experience even better.  We have rental and crew cars on site and every type of ground support equipment you'd expect (plus a little more).  We have deicing capability for singles through large cabin aircraft, including type I, type IV, and TKS.  We serve 200 based aircraft and a base population of over 155,000 in the East Metro portion of the Twin Cities.  Aircraft charter, maintenance, and flight instruction is available through our partners.

US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is a 45 minute drive from New Richmond Regional Airport.  Wisconsin 64 turns into Minnesota 36 at the state line.  This merges with Interstate 35W.  Take the Washington Avenue exit and you're there. 

We will be open 24 hours per day Tuesday, January 30th through Tuesday, February 6th. 

The FAA Super Bowl site Click Here

Update 1/10/2018 - Local hotel rooms and rental cars are still available for flight crews and passengers.  Courtesy shuttles are also available for flight crews to and from local hotels. 

Update 1/13/2018 - The FAA has a prior permission required (PPR) program for all area airports from Wednesday the 31st through Tuesday the 6th for all IFR inbound and outbound aircraft.   Arrival and departure slots can be booked through East Metro Jet Center at 715-246-5338 beginning Wednesday, January 17th.  Needed information will include N number/call sign, originating airport, aircraft type, and pilot name and phone number.   The FAA has allocated 19 slots per day from 0525 through 2325 local.  No slots are required for after those hours, and we'll be open as well.

Update 1/17/2018 - The PPR reservation system is now active.  Call us with your reservation requests.  Ground transportation and local hotel rooms are available. 

We are also taking reservations for hangar space.  Once we run out of FBO hangar space, many of the locals will relocate their aircraft and allow use of their hangars.  Contact us at 715-246-5338 or email mike@eastmetrojetcenter.net for information.

We have plenty of ramp space for singles to large cabin aircraft plus all of the ground support equipment needed.

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East Metro Jet Center at New Richmond Regional Airport (KRNH)

New Richmond, Wisconsin  715-246-5338